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Newry Flowers of the month – June

Whether it be Newry Flowers or flowers in any location, in the ever colourful language of flowers, symbolism and meaning was attached to different types of flowers. It then followed that some flowers would be associated with months of the year. Therefore, anyone born in a particular month could inherit the flower of that month. The language of flowers, as a concept, was first introduced in the early 18th century. Following on from this more and more authors carried on this tradition in later years and created further lists that associated flowers with dates in the calendar year.

The flowers associated with June or sometimes known as the June birth flowers are Rose and Honeysuckle.


Roses of course are a classic staple of the flower world and easily one of the most recognisable. They come in a huge range of colours and types. Attributed with many different meanings, the humble rose is very popular. From romantic gestures e.g. Red Roses on Valentine’s Day, through to beautiful white roses that might be used as Wedding flowers.


The Honeysuckle flower, the lesser known of the two flowers when compared to roses. More commonly found growing on a shrub or a vine, this could be one of the main reasons. As an experienced florist, we will say with some conviction that honeysuckle does not feature in bouquets very frequently at all.  Notwithstanding the Honeysuckle flower can make a great addition to your garden, bringing not only some colour but also attracting butterflies.

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