Flower Care Guide

Flower Care Guide – Therese’s Florist Newry

As we know, a flower is a living entity. Sometimes referred to as a bloom, it is the reproductive structure that is found in plants that are known to flower (flowering plants). Therefore, as a living organism, a flower requires some tender love and care, (let’s call them hygiene practices) to improve how long they last.

It’s important to note that different species and varieties of a flower will have varying or individual requirements specific to it. The following guidelines are a general best practice that we, as one of the leading Florists in Newry, are happy to recommend.

Flowers delivered in a hand-tied bouquet

Care for your Bouquet - from Newry Florist
Care for your Bouquet – from a Newry Florist
  • There is no need to untie the bouquet. All you do is add water as required. Use the bottom of the ribbon bow as a water level indicator. As with any hand-tied bouquet, there is a risk of water leakage. So we advise you to place something underneath the flowers to prevent damage on furniture or fittings. A table mat or similar is ideal.
  • Keep the flowers away from direct sunshine and any other heat sources in your home e.g. cooking appliances or electrical appliances that generate heat.
  • Once you’ve had the flowers for 2-3 days, you should follow the same guidelines as described Gift Wrapped section below.

Flowers delivered gift-wrapped

  • Take your flowers to the sink and remove the packaging. Now you can trim the stems.
  • Have your vase ready but first ensure that it is well cleaned, this will help avoid spreading any bacteria to your flowers.
  • Now you can cut about 1 cm from the ends of the stems. Cut the stems at an angle to help each stem absorb water.
  • The vase should be filled 3/4 full with fresh water. If you have tulips, fill the vase 1/4 full.
  • Flower food can prolong the life of your flowers (except with tulips). The sachet of flower food will have exact guidelines on it.
  • Any leaves or other foliage that may have fallen into the water should be removed. Leaving them there can increase the risk of bacteria growth in the water.
  • Place the vase of flowers in a location that is not overly hot or in direct sunlight or heat from home appliances.
  • After a few days, you can refresh the flowers by re-cutting the stems, remove any wilted flowers/foliage and replacing the water with fresh water.

Flowers delivered arranged in a container

Flower Care from a Newry Florist
Flower Care from a Newry Florist
  • Where your flowers arrive in a container, you simply need to take them to the sink and add water.
  • As mentioned, a table mat or some form of coaster is a good idea to avoid any spills or leakage.
  • Repeat the watering process every few days.
  • As the flower buds deteriorate or wilt, cut them off to allow other buds to open.

General flower care

General Flower Care from a leading Florist in Newry
General Flower Care from a Leading Florist in Newry
  • Be careful with Lily pollen as it can stain clothing or furniture.
  • If this happens, use sticky/cello tape onto the stain and peel off. Rubbing the stain will make it worse.
  • Flowers are for display only. Keep them out of reach from children and pets.
  • It is best not to place your flowers on an unprotected surface, as above, use a table mat or coaster.

Need Further Help?

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