Mother’s Day Flowers & Gifts in Newry

Mother’s Day Florist in Newry

Treat your mother to something very special from our selection of beautiful Mothers Day Flowers and Gifts Therese’s Florists are Newrys leading Flower Delivery service. Therese’s Florists are also able to include cards, balloons, premium quality chocolates and teddies to accompany all orders of flowers, to make sure your loved ones feel truly appreciated.

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What’s more, we can even offer you an express same-day delivery service within 15 miles of the greater Newry area, ensuring your gift will arrive with plenty of time to spare!

Origins of Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can also be known as Mothering Sunday. It is a day in the year, where people show their love and appreciation to their mother. Many will express their love and gratitude to their mother by giving her flowers and gifts, treating her to dinner in a restaurant or other acts of kindness.

Mothering Sunday (or Mother’s Day) is held on the fourth Sunday in Lent. Originally it was a celebration of the Virgin Mary, the mother of Christ. From studying its origins as a religious celebration, it is believed that it was originally a time when people would visit their local church or in other words,  their ‘Mother Church’.

In the 16th century, Christianity started to spread throughout Europe. Therefore, the celebration of Mother’s Day became more frequent. Tradition had it that the faithful would return to their Mother church from wherever they were located. Over time it became a family honoured occasion. During this era, children frequently left their families to work as apprentices in trades or servants to the wealthy. The gathering for Mother’s Day gave families the opportunity to reunite for the day.

Florist in Newry

Therese’s Florist is a long established florist in Newry town. We have been trading for over 30 years and our Newry Flower Delivery service has grown from strength to strength. Each day throughout the year, we deliver flowers to Newry and surrounding areas for loved ones and friends. We provide a choice selection of beautiful flowers and gifts, hand-delivered on your behalf.

Over the years, we have built a reputation for first-class flowers and exceptional customer service. Our record as the one-stop for Newry flowers is second to none.