Care tips for Roses

Care Tips for Roses

We take great care when delivering roses to customers so that we can guarantee optimal vase life once it arrives in their homes. As one of the most long-standing florists in Newry, we appreciate every customer who comes our way and we pride ourselves on delivering an exquisitely designed floral bouquet that will suitably represent any occasion with the thought it truly deserves.

Tips for the recipient of the roses

To get the best results and ensure long vase life with the roses we deliver to you, here are a few tips:

  • Place the roses into water as soon as possible after we have delivered them to you
  • Use a clean, disinfected vase with fresh water and cut flower nutrients
  • Use a sharp knife to cut between 4-5 cm of the rose stems at a right angle (similar as you would with bouquets)
  • Make sure not to scrape the skin of the stems. This can lead to bacterial growth
  • To prevent the roses from wilting, the vase should always be placed in a draught-free location
  • Never place a vase of roses in direct sunlight or in any window that gets indirect sunlight
  • Change water regularly and avoid it becoming cloudy