Flowers (TV series)

Flowers (TV series)

Here at Therese’s Florist Newry, we are passionate about everything flower-related. As a leading florist in Newry, we love to delve into topics close to our heart. Below we give a quick summary and review of one of our TV favourites, Flowers, which aired for 2 seasons between 2016 and 2018.

Flowers is a Channel 4 comedy TV series that first aired in April 2016. The 2nd season of a further 6 episodes was aired in June 2018. Flowers was written by Will Sharpe and stars Olivia Colman and Julian Barratt. The production company involved in the creation of the show was Kudos Film and Television. Will Sharpe is actually a creator, writer and director. He is also part of the cast.

Flowers is described as a Dark comedy that follows the lives of the rather eccentric Flowers family. The parents of the family, Maurice and Deborah, are growing increasingly more distant from each other and divorce seems inevitable. They live together with their two children and Maurice’s mother.

Maurice Flowers is played by Julian Barratt. Fans will recognise him as being one part of a surreal comedy outfit The Mighty Boosh. In Flowers, he plays the author of a children’s book. His wife Deborah is played by Olivia Colman. She has featured in many productions and has been the recipient of many awards & nominations for her work. The story goes that she suspects Maurice Flowers is having an affair with a work colleague played by Will Sharpe.

Other characters in the show include the Flowers children. Amy (Sophia Di Martino) and Donald (Daniel Rigby) play the twin siblings of the Flowers family. The children have their own various issues and can only be described as maladjusted. They both have romantic interests in their neighbour.

The show got an average rating of 8/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. We loved this show, we thought it was a deeply imaginative comedy. Whilst it was hilarious we thought it handled serious and sensitive issues very well.

The Big Flower Fight

Here at Therese’s Florists in Newry, we’ve been eagerly awaiting the upcoming Netflix premiere of “The Big Flower Fight”. This series draws a lot of similarities to the Great British Bake Off in its style and approach. However, what is most exciting for us, is that this is a showcase of florists, sculptors and garden designers who compete against each other to build creative yet bold, garden sculptures. As you can imagine, this is very much up our street!