Flowers of the month – October

All too often when one considers the blooming of flowers, the vibrant colours of summer is what first comes to mind. However, the autumn month of October is filled with lively orange and deep rich red hues of colour.

Marigold and cosmos are the flowers mostly associated with October. Featuring an autumnal colour and a spicy fragrance, the Marigold flower is a fitting choice for October.

The Marigold has some interesting mentions throughout history. The Aztecs held the belief that the Marigold flower had properties associated with religion and medicine. It is believed that this civilisation would have used Marigolds for medicinal purposes to treat skin issues and inflammation.

To many the Marigold represents the virtues of determination and stubbornness. We could argue that these virtues are well represented because the Marigold itself is a sturdy and strong autumn flower.

Furthermore, the bright and colourful presentation leads many people to associate the Marigold with the a fond warmness and creativity.

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